Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson πŸ₯Š Who will win the live Netflix boxing event?
Jul 21
Mike Tyson52%

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Tyson looking deadly on the pads. Paul is getting knocked clean out

bought αΉ€105 Jake Paul

Jake Paul is so good he takes Estrogen to even out his high natural Testosterone. I'm not sure old blood Mike Tyson can wheel around in the ring with his wheel chair fast enough to dodge any of Jake Paul's hooks.

you are crazy if you think jake paul will win

@dsgsdsfsd bookies have Jake Paul at >60%

@dsgsdsfsd 🀑

bought αΉ€190 Jake Paul

Hope Tyson destroys this clown

@DylanHarrison why did you buy jake paul then

@dsgsdsfsd Accidental

@NFL how does this resolve if there’s a draw?

JP bought another match... great marketing stunt

How does the market resolve in case of a draw?

don't bet tyson cause it's paid to be in jp's favor

hope tyson wins tho

bought αΉ€30 Mike Tyson

Will the fight even happen?