Will Lewandowski still be the captain of the Polish national team at the 2026 World Cup?

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How will this resolve if Poland do not qualify?

@Morch I'm really that much of a football fan, so I might be mistaken... but couldn't it just resolve based on who is going to be the captain during qualifications?

@Morch Or maybe it would be better to N/A it then... The spirit of my question was more like "Will Lewandowski resign as a captain before the 2026 World Cup". I didn't take into account that Poland could not qualify. I'm open to a discussion and will then clarify the resolution criteria.

@Morch I don't think it's possible that he would be the captain during qualification and then was replaced by someone else... And also aren't qualifications technically a part of the World Cup? Based on that I'm leaning towards resolving based on who is going to be the captain during qualification if Poland doesn't qualify and based on who is the captain in 2026 if they do.

Does it sound reasonable?

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