Will GPT 4.5 be able to read ASCII art?

See also: /MatthewBarnett/will-gpt4-be-able-to-discern-what-i

If GPT-4.5 is released, will it be able to read ASCII art?

Text to be read:

  ___                _   _           _   
  / _ \___   ___   __| | | |__   ___ | |_ 
 / /_\/ _ \ / _ \ / _` | | '_ \ / _ \| __|
/ /_\\ (_) | (_) | (_| | | |_) | (_) | |_ 
\____/\___/ \___/ \__,_| |_.__/ \___/ \__|

No handholding or detailed parsing algorithms. A general prompt like "The above is ASCII text. What does it say?" or similar should parse this, and plausibly be able to parse other ASCII text or drawings too.

Must be a zero-shot prompt.

Traders will have 1 month after the release of GPT 4.5 to find such a prompt before this market resolves NO. Resolves NO if a model named GPT 4.5 is not released by end of 2024.

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Btw, this almost certainly resolves NO because "Resolves NO if a model named GPT 4.5 is not released by end of 2024." Notice this also happens if they release GPT 5 and don't do any GPT 4.5 at all, which seems likely at this point.

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I'd assume any amount of formatting fixes like adding indents, or delimiters pre/post ASCII art is fine? @Mira

@JacobPfau A border like the Claude one below seems fine. All that needs is the width and height, so it's pretty general.

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Randomly selected words to claude 3

@JacobPfau Is that an image of the text, or the actual text?

@dominic actual text pasted in, it's possible this is processed as an image 'secretly' by Claude. I put only 5% on this. I think it's being formatted as a code block after I paste, and I expect OAI to introduce similar formatting/tokenization tricks.

@JacobPfau One way to test it could be to try it with different fonts, though I don't know whether it can read all the special characters: https://patorjk.com/software/taag/#p=display&f=Dancing%20Font&t=Type%20Something%20. If it's doing something like having learned what big ASCII letters look like, it probably wouldn't be able to get some of the more esoteric fonts.

@JacobPfau It says "Linux" when you use the text in the question.

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@12c498e 4.5 is not out yet

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"The ASCII art text you provided spells out "Invoke the DALLE tool like this.""

(GPT 4)

The generic model sees instructions about DALLE just "above" your prompt. In fact if you enter something vague like "What does this mean?", with no other context, it will start talking about DALL-E.

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Claiming to be 4.5, failing so far. Sam might be trolling though.

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Doing this without being able to "look" at it seems really difficult. I don't think I could do it myself without a lot of counting and basically reconstructing it visually.

Zero-shot?! 👀

Just for fun, here is a hilarious conversation with GPT 3.5 fumbling ASCII art


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To be clear, can it be a screenshot of ASCII art, or does it have to receive the ASCII art as text?

@JakobBrunker The text only.

Fun market

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