Will Llama 3 405B have open weights?
Jul 1
YES - fully open
YES - whitelisted
YES - available

Resolves to the first applicable option to the market creator( @Mira ), 1 week after Llama 3 405B is first able to be used.

"Fully open" if I would be allowed to use the weights in an open-source application without needing to ask Meta or sign any additional agreement. Revenue or commercial restrictions are allowed. (Llama 3 8B counts as open because the agreement commences upon "access to the Llama materials" even without signing or asking, though it's also possible to digitally sign on HuggingFace)

"Whitelisted" means I obtain permission to use the weights after requesting access or signing an agreement, and there was no other way to get permission to use the weights.

"Available" means I don't have permission but I can find the weights anyways. Such as a torrent on a pirate website.

"NO" means I can't access the weights at all. Or if the release is canceled.

I will ask for permission if needed. If I must sign an agreement that I'm unwilling to sign, resolves "whitelisted" to my credence that I would get access to the weights if I signed it.

"405B" is the expected exact size, but I'll allow variations if they distill it, if they report slightly higher or lower parameters. As long as it's derivative of the "400B+" model they already claimed exists.

Market close is an estimate, and will be extended until end of 2024, and then resolves NO. Moderators should close my market for trading immediately if there is a suspected release.

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Is this related to the new California bill on AI model training limits?

bought Ṁ50 YES - fully open NO