How many pages will @Mira 's 2022 tax return be?
closes Oct 18

My 2022 tax return is due October 16 and I haven't even started beyond filing an extension and sending them some money as an estimate. Last year, my taxes were 283 pages. How many pages will my taxes be this year?

Answer weighting: This market resolves to a logarithmic weighting of the nearest answers below and above, if they exist. If there is no answer below or above, resolves 100% to the bounding answer instead. If the answer is 183 pages, then log2(64) = 6, log2(183) = 7.52, log2(256) = 8, and I would resolve to (log2(183) - log2(64))/(log2(256) - log2(64)) = 76% 256 and 24% 64.

Count includes federal and all state tax returns together.

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can I ask why your taxes are generally so long?

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@zzlk Trading activity and tax nexus in multiple US states so I have to file a return for each one. (This market is the sum of counts for every return I file, not just federal)

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Mirabought Ṁ100 of 1024 NO

@zzlk You ever get stressed out you haven't set up enough Irish subsidiaries when doing your taxes?

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ayylmaobought Ṁ100 of 16 NO

@Mira absolutely not :)