Please read this carefully because of the Colorado lawsuit.

Resolves YES if Donald Trump received the most votes all 15 Republican Presidential primaries on "Super Tuesday" March 5, 2024. These include Republican primaries in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.

If something happens to cause a Super Tuesday state to move their primary date, then it will NOT be counted. If another states (or territory sending delegates to the 2024 RNC Convention) moves its nomination contest (primary, caucus, or other) to March 5, 2024, it will NOT be counted. If a Republican Super Tuesday state changes its method of selecting convention delegates away from a primary, then it will NOT be counted. If there is a hybrid delegate selection process, then only the primary votes will be used. If the state's primary is invalidated or cancelled, after ballots have been cast, it will not be used.

A state will NOT be part of the resolution criteria if Donald Trump's name is not on the primary ballot for any reason.

Resolves NO if Donald Trump fails to receive the most primary votes in every Super Tuesday state, or ties with another candidate for the most primary votes in at least one state.

The market will close at midnight ET on March 5, 2024.

The resolution will be based on vote totals provided by the respective Secretary of State (or Commonwealth) or its Board of Elections. These sources will be final regardless of any accusations or evidence of election fraud. If a state's website is down or vote totals unavailable, Politico will be used as a resolution source. If there is an issue that delays vote tabulation in any state, the market will wait to resolve until that is settled.

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This resolves as NO — it just got called by the AP that Haley just won Vermont.

@MickBransfield Do you plan to resolve the market in 42 minutes, or now (since it's already happened)? :D

@PaintspotInfez I should have thought to use the AP as resolution criteria. I'll check with the Vermont board of elections in the morning to see if the final precincts are in. Sorry for any inconvenience in the delay.

@PaintspotInfez I'll resolve when the last of the towns are reported, but I don't know if I'll stay awake long enough to resolve tonight. I should have used the AP instead of the SOSs for market resolution.

Vermont sux! 🤣

I lost big on this question. Congrats to the winners!

bought Ṁ40 YES