Will the FBI open an investigation into Columbia University related to anti-semitism on campus in 2024?

If before Dec 31st 2024 at 11:59pm will the FBI open an investigation into any students, faculty or individuals who participated in any protests or events that involve some sort of anti-semetic messaging as reported by major new media companies.

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Just for holders. This happened at UCLA. https://abc7.com/ucla-police-reviewing-footage-of-attack-on-protesters-encampment-gascn-fbi-contacted-for-help/14779007/

This would resolve to NO at columbia since it's "possible assistance". Additionally, this incident involves acts that would not be related to anti-semetic messaging, which would also be NO. This market will resolve YES only if the FBI
1. Opens an official investigation
2. The investigation involves anti-semitism charges OR
3. The investigation involves people who used or suspected of using anti-semetic messaging. This would mean a major new media outlet would report something like "Protestors arrested, FBI currently investigating Campus incident. Protestors were shouting anti-semetic epithets at counter protestors".

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