Will Matt Levine release a Money Stuff podcast before the end of 2024?

Will resolve to YES if Matt Levine is the host of a generally available Money Stuff podcast before the end of 2024. The podcast just needs to be known to be available, at least in the US market, regardless of whether or not it’s a paid product.

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What if the it isn't named Money Stuff podcast?

predicts YES

@MP I will resolve to YES if the podcast is intended to be a Money Stuff podcast regardless of the selected title.

If Matt ends up hosting an unrelated podcast that isn’t obviously related to this newsletter I will resolve to NO.

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What if it’s only available to paid subscribers?

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@DavidFWatson I’ll clarify in the description. The intention was to resolve yes if the podcast is widely available (not in limited or beta release, etc) regardless of whether it’s a paid product or not.