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Michael Chen
closes Apr 3
Will there be office space in Berkeley for independent AI alignment researchers at the start of April 2023?

Resolves positive if, as of April 3, 2023, there is an office space for at least 5 independent AI alignment researchers in Berkeley. To qualify, the researchers need to not be full-time employees at an AI safety organization (e.g., Anthropic, FAR AI, Redwood Research, SERI MATS, or grad students at the Center for Human-Compatible AI), and the office space needs to be free of charge to the researchers. A sufficient (though not necessary) condition for being independent is receiving funding from LTFF or Open Phil to do independent research.

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Jennan Perlachis predicting NO at 45%

Note the criteria says “free of charge”. An office opening up that met the other criteria but charged for membership should still resolve to NO.

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Michael Chen

Edited the criteria for "independent AI alignment researcher" as per suggestions by @LawrenceChan

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Buying no to incentivize.