Will any US Senator be accused of sexual misconduct in 2024?

Completion criteria: any US senator must be accused of: sexual harassment, sexual assault / rape, sleeping with their staff, cheating on their spouse, having sex in a public/official space, or sleeping with a prostitute. Any other criminal sexual activity will also count. Nonconsensual kissing or groping count.

The following scenarios will not count: a consensual 3-way or other activity with consent of a spouse. Similarly, kink or crossdressing don't count, UNLESS that candidate has explicitly decried the same behavior they engaged in. Having one's own nudes leak is also not sexual conduct on the part of the senator, so that doesn't count alone (but could if it was combined with other issues).

All that's required is an accusation reported in a credible source. (So not the National Enquirer or TMZ or something. Random crazy online people don't count.)

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Must the person currently be an elected member of the Senate, not a former member?

predicts NO

@mattyb Current US Senator. However, if the Senator resigns and the accusations come soon after, that will be a Yes.