Will Dr. Oz be elected to the US Senate (PA) in 2022?
resolved Nov 9

Will resolve after 2+ reliable networks call the race, or (if close) to whoever is sworn in in 2023.

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Is it called yet?

predicted NO

@LeonardoKroger sigh - indeed it is. Witness the curse of the crudite as Dark Brandon makes his last stand!

predicted NO

@MattP we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously

predicted NO


NYT called it also... shouldn't have sold my Fetterman shares after the debate!

PredictIt has Fetterman at 99

predicted NO

Fuck it, I'll go all in for tonight

predicted NO

get fucked

predicted NO

Curse of the Crudités

i hope this market will place me high for the midterm tournament.

predicted NO

@JamieCrom I was always a believer.

predicted YES

Will the people of Pennsylvania elect a corpse to the Senate?

predicted NO

@UncleBob How's it going for you uncle bob

predicted YES

Thank fuck I don't live in PA anymore

unfortunately yes


predicted YES
predicted YES

Fetterman needs to rest and recover.

Hope he can one day live a normal life.

@RobertBertrand You're dumb and you're gonna lose your fake money bozo

predicted YES

@thadthechad Sure. Low IQ types always call others dumb when they're found out.

Tonight my assertion was confirmed. Democrats are running a corpse.

This was real bad.

The only reason that anyone is voting for Fetterman at this point is in support of the party and in hopes the Senate stays a democrat majority. The candidate is particularly awful even when he was still functional.

Oz is awful too, but not so much as to depress the vote for Republicans and independent voters.

That he is this close in the polls is either a testament to the inaccuracy of polls or the weakness of Oz.


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