Will the sun not explode?
resolved Mar 29

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Ok how do I mark this trade for review by the mods? I heard that they refund incorrectly resolved markers, and this was definitely a conspiracy.

@Swordfish42 Mark here. Mods are absolute retards and banned me. I can refund any lost mana. The owners of the site legitimately are retards.

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@DerkDicerk Oh heck i expected a slap on the wrist, not a full on ban. Sorry dude, you getting banned was not my intention. And naah, I don't care about those imaginary numbers too much

@Swordfish42 my ban has nothing to do with you, its because a lot of senior users keep losing to me.

@Swordfish42 he didnt get a full ban, it was just a 7 day restriction from commenting and creating new markets.

@DavidChee Shouldn't this market be re-resolved?

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Mark m8 to be hair we wouldn’t know if the sun exploded for at least 8 minutes after you’ve resolved the market so I reckon you resolve NO just in case

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@CorrieCrothers If I resolve NO the site will go into a panic

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@MarkIngraham M8 I don’t have background in law, debate or general human discourse but if you want to resolve NO I have your back

We’ll take down these Marxist bastards together

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@CorrieCrothers wait for a bigger catch

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@MarkIngraham Playing the long game is playing right into the Marxists’ hands, but I think we can out manoeuvre them m8.

Tomorrow is another day

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Well I decided the sun is a thermonuclear explosion and always has been.

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@MarkIngraham #FuckYellowDwarfs

And I totally didn’t have to Google to check if the sun was a white dwarf - apparently it’s a yellow dwarf

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Today is the day

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@AshleyDavies Wait and see when the earth is gone but I sill get paid out on Manifold m8 all that matters