Will New Hampshire’s primary on Jan 23, 2024 be used to assign its state delegates at the Democratic National Convention
Aug 23

Question resolves based on whether the results (vote totals) of New Hampshire’s state primary on Jan 23 are used to determine the allocation of NH delegates at the Democratic National Convention on Aug 22.

If a different method is used to allocate delegates for NH, or NH receives no delegates at the convention, this resolves NO.

The percentage of delegates NH receives does not have any bearing on the outcome of this question unless it is zero. That is - a NH delegation with half its votes stripped, but nevertheless allocated using the vote totals on Jan 23 will resolve YES, not 50%.

The act of registering or not registering to put one’s name on the ballot for the primary is not considered part of the results of the primary.

If a mail-in primary is scheduled with ballots begun to be sent out on or before Jan 23 (as with the Iowa caucuses), it will only be considered part of the results of the primary if vote totals are posted on Jan 23.

Ask clarifying questions in the comments, and I’ll update the description accordingly. Since this may be subject to interpretation, I won’t trade in this market. Please read the description carefully before trading, even if you’re familiar with PredictIt’s resolution criteria for this market.

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April 27 primary. Approved by DNC Rules and Bylaws as in "compliance".

Seems like this is cruising toward a Yes resolution. "Biden told supporters at a private campaign event on Monday that while he wouldn’t get ahead of the DNC’s process, he expects that New Hampshire’s delegates will count, according to two people familiar with his remarks and granted anonymity to speak freely." https://www.politico.com/news/2024/03/11/biden-new-hampshire-dems-make-peace-00146352

If I were participating in this market, I would have switched from No to Yes today (and in fact I have been on Predictit)

Are you going to hold this open until the convention? (they might penalize them and then re-instate)

@MaybeNotDepends Yes, this closes the 3rd day of the convention

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