After recent controversies, will the admission rate for Harvard, MIT, and Penn be higher than last year?
May 1
Penn’s admit rate will be higher
Harvard’s admit rate will be higher
MIT’s admit rate will be higher

MIT, Harvard, and Penn were famously in the news for having their presidents lambasted at a Congressional hearing for alleged anti semitism on their campuses. In the past, negative attention in the press on campus conditions such as crime or sexual misconduct has led to temporary declines in applications, which result in higher admission rates.

This market is about whether each of the undergraduate schools will have a higher ADMIT RATE than reported in 2023.

MIT: 4.80% admitted in 2023

Penn: 5.84% admitted,48%20states%20and%2097%20countries.

Harvard: 3.41% accepted,cycle%20at%207%20p.m.%20Thursday

I may add more schools if there’s enough interest. They don’t need to be necessarily Israel/Palestine related, just if people expect a substantial difference from last year.

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Resolved MIT based on this, please post any other evidence for Penn and Harvard

Please understand that this is in no way a judgment of you as a student or as a person, since our decision has more to do with the applicant pool than anything else—many of our applicants are not offered admission simply because we don’t have enough space in our entering class. This year we had more than 28,000 candidates for fewer than 1,300 offers of admission. Since all of our decisions are made at one time and all available spaces have been committed, all decisions are final.

Updated with 2023 admit rates

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