Will this Manifund grant for Shrimp Welfare Project reach $60k by end of July?
resolved Aug 1


$60,000 is needed to purchase a stunner which SWP already has a farm lined up to replace their current slaughter method. This would be able to very cost effectively (2000 shrimp/dollar/annum) improve the lives of shrimp

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@tiny fishing At the moment, the likelihood of this happening is just 8%, and there is only a small window of time left to secure a substantial boost in funding.

Attaining 60,000 USD is an extremely lofty objective. That's also really challenging. Bitlife

The goal of reaching 60,000 USD is very high. That's also very difficult to do and  geometry dash bloodbath factors influence a lot.

@io games, I am not sure that the Manifund grant for the Shrimp Welfare Project will reach $60k by the end of July, as it currently has only an 8% chance, and there is limited time remaining for such a significant increase in funding.

predicted NO

1. I've talked with Andres a lot. I'm very impressed with him. He's super knowledgeable, data-driven, focused, competent and pragmatic. He gets shit done.
2. SWP project is, IMO, the best charity to come out of charity entrepreneurship, at least for animal welfare (and perhaps overall according to many moral frameworks) in 7 years (about 40 charities I think)
3. ACE (animal charity evaluators) executive director mentioned to me that this was one of the top things they thought was worth pursuing.
4. People are starting to take shrimp more seriously. Growing now can be pivotal
5. SWP is getting much more ambitious at solving this problem. We should reward that.
6. There are a lot of shrimp. About 5x more shrimp are farmed than all land animals.
7. Extreme cost effectiveness.

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