Will Musk get 25% Tesla's votes by January 2025 end?

Musk said he would need 25% voting stake in Tesla to develop AI stuff there.

He currently owns 13% of the company. Tesla has only one class of stock.

If Musk gets to 25% voting share at least by the end of January 2025, either through stock issuance or a change of the company's charter to give the CEO super-voting shares, this market resolves to YES. I'll wait for this to be approved on assembly and rely one the mainstream media to know whether it is for real.

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Just to check, is this =25% or ≈25% or ≥25%?

So if you assume this calculation, he's asking for rough calculation 84 billion dollars?

Otoh he does have some other types of options and stuff so if you count those I guess it could be less. Still, seems like a lot of money.

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