Will a new state be recognised by the UN anywhere in Palestine before the end of 2024?
Dec 31

Resolution YES means that the new state is either a member state of the UN, or that they are defined as a “state party” (in the same way that collective Palestine is currently) as according to this article (ignoring plagiarism or incorrect edits )


Palestine refers to only current Gaza and the [occupied] West Bank in the context of this question

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the Security Council needs to approve before full statehood is recognised, but Palestine was given more rights at the UN today with a vote to recognise membership

Is this question basically asking will the UN recognise one of the following:

West Bank


Either or both of the above, plus parts of what is currently outside their territory

Either or both of the above, parts of what is currently inside their territory


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@JoshuaWilkes This is as it says. All of the above would count, yes, if they are recognised as independent states that were not already recognised as such, but it would also count if an entirely new state were to emerge anywhere within Gaza and the West Bank

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Clarification here that based on how I phrased the question, “Palestine” refers to Gaza and the occupied West Bank, but looking for opinions from those who bid as originally I envisioned this as a state anywhere in British mandatory Palestine’s borders. If people are willing I will change the description to clarify “mandatory Palestine” in that case, but otherwise this means Gaza and the occupied West Bank

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