Will IP 9 (Honest Elections) qualify for the Oregon '24 ballot?
resolved Apr 24

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The petition requires 117,173 verified signatures to qualify for the ballot. As of 29 Dec 2023, the petition has reported a total of 75,611 signatures [0]. Petitioners are require to submit signatures monthly. The last deadline to submit signatures is 28 Jun 2024.

Update: As of 30 Jan 2024, the petition has reported a total of 84,143 signatures (72%)

[0] OR SOS IP 9 Reporting Info

Ballot Title: Limits campaign contributions; political advertisements identify largest contributers; campaigns disclose true funding sources; other provisions

Ballot Summary: Current law requires certain reporting/disclosures; state law does not limit campaign contributions. Measure limits dollar amount of contributions to candidate and other political committees depending on the source and recipient; some contributions prohibited. Sets filing deadlines for incumbents seven days earlier than nonincumbents. Amends ORS 162.005 to remove exemption for reported campaign contributions in bribery statutes. Requires political advertisements to disclose top four donors of "original funds" (defined) and certain campaign contributions; additional reporting requirements. Penalties for contribution violations; allows challenges through contested case proceedings; untimely violation decisions appealable in circuit court; private right of action for violations related to employee/contractor contributions. Legislature must allocate at least $1 million per biennium

Market Resolution

Market resolves YES if:

  • IP 9 successfully gathers the requied signatures and appears on the 2024 Primary Election ballot

Market resolves NO if:

  • IP 9 fails to gather the required signatures

  • IP 9 is withdrawn by chief petitioners


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Petition was withdrawn in April by chief petitioners

This looks like a re-do of a 2022 initiative, which was disqualified for procedural issues.

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