Will Katalin Karikó Win a Nobel Prize in 2024?
Dec 31

Katalin Karikó (see Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katalin_Karik%C3%B3) pioneered the science behind mRNA vaccines. She has many of the major awards that normally preceed a Nobel Prize (Japan Prize, Lasker, &c), but has not yet won a Nobel Prize.

Resolves YES if she wins any Prize in 2024 even if shared.

This market will resolve once all the science prizes are announced (or earlier if she announced as a winner), which should be the case by mid October 2024.

Note that this market is for 2024 specifically, if she wins in 2023, that will not count towards this market! A potential win in 2023 will also not immediately resolve NO because there is a chance she will be awarded a Prize in multiple years.

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