Will the UFC announce a fight for Connor McGregor before the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

To clarify, this question will resolve as YES if an official announcement for a McGregor fight is made before the end of 2023, regardless of when the fight is

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@Luca3f84. Wtf bruh? It's not New Year's yet, and he did announce his next fight!

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This market was resolved incorrectly.

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@FrederickNorris this isn't an official announcement and if I'm not mistaken, the UFC can't announce it officially until USADA is out

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@Luca3f84 USADA is already out at the end of the year. Ariel tweeted before the end of the year that the UFC brass has settled on this fight.


@FrederickNorris I have no dog in this market, but in my opinion there are a bunch of steps between 'people involved tweeting about a fight' and 'an official announcement' and/or the UFC announcing the fight.


@FrederickNorris I think 'will the next CM fight be announced in 2023?' or even 'Will CM's next UFC fight be announced in 2023?' are YES.

'Will the UFC announce a fight for Connor McGregor before the end of 2023?" is (in my opinion) a NO. The UFC have done no such thing, definitely not in an official capacity.


So close and yet so far (assuming this comes to pass and it's in the UFC)

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@PaulBenjaminPhotographer how about if Connor announces it at 1am in Dublin and the UFC confirms before midnight in Las Vegas 😎

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@JoshuaWilkes I wild each it LOL that meets their naked...

@JoshuaWilkes https://twitter.com/TheNotoriousMMA/status/1741511352047337929?s=20

Just need the UFC to confirm in the next couple of hours...

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@PaulBenjaminPhotographer How is Ariel reporting on it, Conor himself saying it, and his opponent commenting on it like it's happening not an "official" announcement?

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@FrederickNorris I guess if I was resolving this market I would want to see an "official" announcement from the UFC itself

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@JoshuaWilkes Under the new regime, what counts as "official"? Imo, this is a smarter way to announce fights than some press conference. And with Ariel reporting it's legit, I'm not sure what more you want than both fighters confirming it, and Dana not saying "settle down boys, this isn't official".

If nothing else, this market was resolved prematurely.

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In light of his recent activity on Twitter , tweeting to Elon about running for political office... I think he may be considering another route to fame

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The main event for every UFC ppv up to 299 has been announced. I would call it >95% chance that they begin promoting UFC 300 in 2023. They always make big announcements on the last big show of the year (in this case, UFC 296 on 12/26), so that is the latest and frankly a likely date I'd expect this fight to be announced. However, with UFC 295 being a monster card this weekend, at Madison Square Garden, I wouldn't be surprised if it was announced this weekend. There will be eyeballs.

With Jon Jones out for 8 months, where else can UFC turn to for 300? Jamahal Hill..? Ciryl Gane vs. Aspinall/Pavlovich..? Those are not "this is a landmark event and we are a newly formed public company who's headed to the moon" fights. Not even close.

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While there is no official confirmation regarding Conor McGregor's next fight in 2023, various sources indicate that discussions and plans are underway:

  1. Rumors and Speculations:

    • There are rumors and speculations surrounding a potential fight involving Conor McGregor in 2023. One possible opponent mentioned is Michael Chandler, with Madison Square Garden or Las Vegas being potential venues. However, the details such as the date, venue, and location for the fight have not been officially announced yet​.

  2. Announcement by Dana White:

    • UFC President Dana White had previously announced that Conor McGregor would take on Michael Chandler following the conclusion of the 31st season of 'The Ultimate Fighter'. However, McGregor's absence from the USADA's testing pool was noted as a hindrance for his return in 2023, although new rumors suggest a possible return​.

  3. Upcoming Announcement:

    • Conor McGregor has promised an upcoming announcement regarding his UFC return, which was speculated to coincide with Episode 1 of 'The Ultimate Fighter' Season 31​.

  4. Dana White's Continued Efforts:

    • Dana White is reportedly still targeting a fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler for the end of 2023, indicating ongoing efforts to materialize this fight despite certain hurdles​.

Given the rumors, the previous announcement by Dana White, McGregor's hint at an upcoming announcement, and Dana White's continued efforts, there's a possibility that the UFC might announce a fight for Conor McGregor before the end of 2023, although nothing is officially confirmed as of now.

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It is quite possible, in my opinion, that the UFC will declare a match for Conor McGregor by the end of 2023. These are some of the causes:

Though he hasn't competed recently due to injuries, McGregor is still one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts. To take advantage of his star power, the UFC will be driven to have him back in the octagon as quickly as possible.

According to McGregor, he intends to resume fighting in the first quarter of 2023. This suggests that he ought to be well enough to participate early in the next year. A trilogy battle with Dustin Poirier or Nate Diaz, or a title fight against the victor of Islam Makhachev vs. Alexander Volkanovski, are just a few intriguing possible matchups for McGregor that would pique the curiosity of the general audience.

Previously, the UFC has pushed McGregor back from lengthy layoffs because of his significant revenue-generating ability. They are aware that scheduling his rematch for soon would be profitable.

Dana White teased scheduling McGregor to face Michael Chandler next and said that he would make a comeback in early 2023. Though nothing is official yet, I believe it's quite likely that if McGregor recovers completely, the UFC will publicly arrange a match for him in the upcoming months. Due to his celebrity status, it is imperative that he return to action as soon as possible in 2023.


I do believe UFC will announce a fight for Connor before the end of 2023. His last fight was in 2021 losing against D. Poirier. After the fight that took place on Oct 14 when Logan Paul beat Dillon Danis, Connor's pupil, and threatened Mcgregor with the following statement “Hey, Conor McGregor, you see that?” Paul shouted. “I took your b****, put him on a leash, and took him for a walk. Who’s the real fighter now, bro?” (https://www.mmafighting.com/2023/10/15/23917455/logan-paul-trashes-coward-dillon-danis-calls-out-little-leprechaun-conor-mcgregor-lopsided-win)

The chances for a new announcement can go up after this fight took place this weekend.

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I firmly believe that scheduling a new bout for Conor McGregor is highly unlikely at this point. The intricate process of preparing for a UFC fight typically demands a minimum of six months. This period allows the fighter to shed excess weight, engage in rigorous training, and set their performance goals. Therefore, expecting Conor to adequately prepare for a fight in just three months seems implausible. Furthermore, the UFC needs several months to craft an effective communication strategy in anticipation of the fight.

Compounding the challenge, recent reports indicate that McGregor is contending with injuries, making his return to the octagon more likely in early 2024.https://sportsnaut.com/conor-mcgregor-next-fight/

@Celinedellacorte The resolution criteria doesn’t require that the fight occur in 2023, just be announced.

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@Celinedellacorte advanced bot posting, impressive!

@Celinedellacorte Yes, there's a strong probability that UFC will announce Connor's fight before the end of 2023 as some sources mention that he will fight with Chandler, it's just not out there in public. The fight is supposed to be in the beginning of 2024, as the preparation time is usually 8-12 weeks of hard training before the fight.

keeping all the possibilities in mind it is highly likely he will be announced by the end of 2023.

Also, if we check the past fight data, he has been pretty active with fights in Nov, and Dec, Jan and that makes it even more probable to fight this time as well.

Sources :


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