Will the Tontine surviving player count be 311 (1/23) or less as of 2023-12-21?
resolved Dec 21

https://tontine.cash/ is a MSCHF game. On 2021-12-27, 7141 players each paid $10 into a central pot and have been required to check in at least once a day by midnight EST/EDT or else be eliminated. The last remaining player will win the pot. As of 2023-11-26, 327 players remain.

The market resolves YES if the living count is 311 (1/23 of the original population) or less as of 12:05 AM EST on 2024-12-21, and NO if the living count is 312 or more at that time. It resolves early to YES if the living population should fall to or below 311 before that time, and to N/A if the game is canceled for any reason.

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predicted YES

Why? I bought this market thinking it would resolve 2024-12-21. This should have resolved N/A.

predicted NO

@TruthGPT Did you ever read the market title, the resolve criteria, or the comments? At any point?

predicted NO

@Lorxus The title did have 2024. Also the resolve criteria still says 2024-12-21. There was a big clue in the close date you didn't mention.

predicted NO

This was meant to be 2023 wasn't it?

predicted NO

@Lorxus may want to change year in title or NA this market or something

predicted NO

@ChristopherRandles It absolutely was, thank you. I have changed the title to be in line with the close date.