Will Lorxus get a second-round interview with at least one quant firm?
Apr 1

Lorxus is currently in the recruiter pipeline with quant firms including GSA and Nomura. They feel well-prepared on the probability and statistics, and are currently brushing up on their Python. They expect to begin interviewing in mid-late November of 2023.

The market resolves YES if any firm asks Lorxus to return for a second round of interviewing after initial tests and screening and NO otherwise. It resolves when Lorxus hears back.

Lorxus reserves the right to clarify when exactly this resolves for the "first round" of applications, for a reasonable definition of "first round".

EDIT FOR CLARITY: Let's say nothing I apply to past 2024-3-1 will count.

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Got rejected without even an intake test from Squarepoint, which reportedly possibly wanted specifically applied math people.

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@Lorxus Took SIG's math test. Finished about 2/3 of it. No idea if that'll be good enough for a callback.

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@Lorxus It was not.