Will The Last of Us Part III (video game) be announced in 2024?

Any official announcement from Naughty Dog or Sony will count. This is in reference to the video game, a season 3 from HBO does not count. A spinoff or new multiplayer game also does not count.

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Praying that the answer is no, since I love Naughty Dog but I also love new IP and not more sequels to The Last of Us

- Naughty Dog is definitely making a singleplayer game for release at some point, but we don't know if it's Last-of-Us themed. They were also developing a "Last of Us" multiplayer game, but this is not The Last of Us 3, just a standalone multiplayer game: https://www.gamingbible.com/news/last-of-us-studio-confirms-new-single-player-800556-20230530

- recent round of Last of Us 3 rumors, based on a leak from a motion-capture / voice actress, seems clearly debunked by the fact that the picture was taken in a Cyan Worlds studio? People say that "Cyan Worlds doesn't do performance-capture-heavy games", but this seems false -- Myst and Riven had FMV, and I think Obduction also had some kind of hologram FMV? So a remake of Riven or something would have plenty of reason to want to use motion-capture which is basically a modern version of FMV. https://www.reddit.com/r/thelastofus/comments/16n7mnn/shannon_woodward_the_actress_who_voiced_dina/

- Sadly, commercial logic probably dictates that Naughty Dog make The Last of Us 3, just because it'd be a surefire hit and would print more money than a new IP. So Their new singleplayer game probably is indeed TLOU 3. But idk if this leads to an announcement in 2024, as the game is probably still quite far out?