Will Burlington, VT commission a study on Land Value Tax and/or Split Rate Property Tax before the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 4

I was recently invited to speak at a city council meeting of Burlington, VT. Two researchers gave a presentation on Land Value Tax and recommended that the city council should consider moving towards this policy. I briefly spoke in support and offered to make myself available for any assistance should the city want to move forward.

The vibe was generally pretty positive, and the city councilors seemed interested. The Center For Property Tax reform was mentioned as a potential partner for a study.

This market resolves YES if the city of Burlington, VT, winds up commissioning a study on LVT or split-rate property tax before the end of 2023.

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Urban3 was commissioned for a careful assessment of taxable property value in Burlington with a focus on equity:

No mention of LVT/split-rate or modifying the tax regime beyond adding an abatement, so the resolution should still hold.

Flagging it to mention that there's a careful dataset out there in case that's of interest to ValueBase.

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I reached out to the two researchers and they have not heard about any follow-up.

Reasonably resolves to NO @LarsDoucet?

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@jgyou Yep

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@LarsDoucet Most bittersweet victory ever

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@jgyou There’s more where that came from. I have some big announcements for 2024

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Found information about the original meeting in the city's files.

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@LarsDoucet do you have more information about this meeting?

First time I hear of it, as a Burlington resident.