Will $1M USD be worth more than 1 BTC on June 17, 2023?
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jackson polack

its a very weird tweet from balaji

obviously, if USD was about to hyperinflate or BTC was about to 40x or whatever, either there'd be much better ways to profit off of it than twitter polls or the economic fallout would be bad enoug the bet is irrelevant

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jackson polack

he's mixing the bet in with the normal 'fed bad bitcoin good' rhetoric in a way that, if the bet is a joke, is very dry, ironic humor, which isn't at all what you'd expect from someone who really is selling that to his followers

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Lars Doucetis predicting YES at 99%

@jacksonpolack Yeah like he could just buy bitcoin himself right now. Wondering what the actual angle is -- is he just bored, is he trying to drammatically prove a point, is he trying to signal to his followers that he's so all-in that he'd make a crazy bet like this (and thus encourage people to buy Bitcoin)? Only time will tell I guess.

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James Giammona

Haha, nice market!