Which of the following FAANG companies’ stock will post the best performance during CY2024?
Facebook/Meta (META)
Apple (AAPL)
Amazon (AMZN)
Netflix (NFLX)
Google/Alphabet (GOOGL)

These are the five FAANG stock companies - (F)acebook/Meta, (A)mazon, (A)pple, (N)etflix, (G)oogle/Alphabet. Performance will only be measured by stocks’ growth or regression from each stocks’ close according to CNBC on their final trading day of 2023. Please let me know if this data is incorrect as of 12/29/2023:

META - $353.96

AAPL - $192.53

AMZN - $151.94

NFLX - $486.88

GOOGL - $139.69

Performance won’t be by who ends with highest stock price but whose price experiences individual growth following close of trading 12/31/2024. Happy to elaborate if there is any confusion. I will not add “Other” response; it will be the winner among these five. Will build markets for other industries/other competitive pools.

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I'm doing YTDs for each of these competitive stonks market questions because I'll forget by the end of June for full midyear updates. Do what you will with the following information.

YTD changes as of close 5/23 (based on change from open 1/2/2024):

META - $465.78 (+34.51% YTD)
AAPL - $186.88 (-2.11% YTD)
AMZN - $181.05 (+20.76% YTD)
NFLX - $635.67 (+35.68% YTD)
GOOGL - $173.55 (+25.61% YTD)

bought Ṁ5 of Netflix (NFLX) YES

Starting prices look correct, all match nasdaq's data https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/meta/historical

@MingweiSamuel Thank you. I knew I had to get these questions going before opening bell 1/2, because it would be harder to track year-long progress if the starting prices weren’t static for the 250 or so trading days ahead of us.