Will Nvidia's share price break $200 in 2024?

This market is trying to track real price change. If there is split or reverse split, the price will be treated as no split or reverse split happen.

Edited: On June 10th, this market will adjust to $200 to make comparison logic before split and after split match as mentioned above “no split happen”

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I guess we should clarify if only closing prices count or if intra day also counts.

bought Ṁ50 YES

Intra day also counts

Any kind of exchange error/glitch does not count then?


i hold this at less than 10% maybe less than 5% and i think if i thought about it longer, it would be even lower?

@CampbellHutcheson Correct. Nvidia would have to reach a market cap of about $5T. 60% or so more than the most valuable company in the history of the world.

It’s not gonna happen in 2024 for sure.

will you account for the 10-1 stock split?

@JoshYou Thx for reminding. I add a description about this market.

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