How well will my next 5 months be?
resolved Jan 13

Success/Point Criteria:
- Our Mechanistic Interpretability research org receives funding. (1pt)

- I mastered TransformerLens and replicated a paper using it (1pt)

- Confident in doing Machine Learning: Able to train models from scratch or minimal look-up from the original code/paper for:
    - Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) (1pt)
    - Reinforcement Learning (1pt)
    - Transformers (1pt)

- I exercise 2 or more times a week, & at least 3 of the weeks per month (or 3:1, pass:fail ratio) (1pt)
- Sleep 7 or more hours per day (pass:fail ratio per month should be better than 20:8) (1pt)

- Get a 3.5 GPA or higher for Sept-Dec 2023 Term (1pt)
TOTAL: 9 pts

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@KrizTahimic Can you please this market? Appreciate it.

@KrizTahimic Can you please resolve? Thank you.

Haven't seen a market like this before - it's really cool!

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@DavidChee Glad, you like it 😄 I've been using it for that extra push in accountability. It's been super helpful. 😁