Will I win this BINGO against my friend?
  1. The game ends when there is no more points to gain from the board.

  1. If a peson completes a challenge, the square is "claimed" forever and gives 1 point.

  2. If a person claims "5 in a row" figure, he gets 5 points.

  3. If a person claims "4 in 2x2" figure, he gets 4 points.

  4. A single claimed square can be part of several figures.

  5. The person with most points wins.

Most challenges have specific definitions/restrictions/criteria, but I am too lazy to print out those.

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predicts YES

Have been learning german for a year already. Still around A1.

Do not know about my opponent's language progress in spanish.


My opponent has a good partner and healthy relationship, and it looks to me they might be on a path to get married in couple years.

I am single.

Will ya give updates when ya get a square?

@JoshuaB Yes. Anytime one of us gets a square i will update the picture.