Will anybody guess the rule of Unfair chess before move 20?
closes Dec 31

Upd. Because of the fact that there are two games now with the same rule, the market will close when at least one of them reaches 20th move.

Resolves after the match is complete, so I do not give out hints by resolving it.

Whether the guess of the rule idea

was close enough I will decide purely subjectively.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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Daltonis avatar
Daltonispredicts YES

My current guess based on the illegality of dxe5 would be that some or all pawns can also move like Bishops or Queens or at least have an additional movement option.
I'm assuming dxe5 is illegal because the pawn is somehow pinned to the King by the b6 pawn?

Hmmm this definitely isn't the entirety if it is true at all. The other illegal moves don't map onto this perfectly.

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Daltonis avatar
Daltonispredicts YES

@Daltonis Alternatively there could be some weird 'pinning mechanic' in play not necessarily connected with the presence/position of the King but it's bothersome to find all the past illegal moves and map them onto the position at the time.

ChristopherRandles avatar
Christopher Randles

Thanks for extending date that does appear to make sense.

Do guesses have to be placed in comments here or are comments on will I win claim sufficient?

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KongoLandwalker avatar
Kongo Landwalkerpredicts YES

@ChristopherRandles both places count.

KongoLandwalker avatar
Kongo Landwalkerpredicts YES

The match is still far from 20th move. Should I move the close date, so more people can bet?