Unfair chess against commenters, will I win?
resolved Feb 26
Black queen is threatened
Dec 6
Black queen is dead
Jan 6

This is a match between me and the commenters. Resolves Yes if I checkmate You. Resolve No if I am checkmated or the game ends with a draw. I will not bet.

One rule is added to the chess ruleset (it consists of two sentences, the second one is just elaboration).

The rule is "fair": it doesn't give advantage to any side, is symmetrical, does not depend on the move index.

The fact that I know the rule and others do not is the unfair part of the game. Commenters are encouraged to discuss and try to find out the rule during the game. Commenters are allowed to use programs and help from people even outside Manifold, and I am allowed none of that.

After each my move I will comment with a picture of the current situation on the board. Team of commenters makes a move, when one makes a comment with the move description (similar to 1:Qa1-a2) and it recieves 3 likes from others. (My likes do not count, so I can't sabotage). If the move is illegal, commenters recieve another chance to make a move (unlimited). There is no time control. But i will try to make my move within 3 days. Closing date might be prolonged, do not take it into account.

To prove that the rule is created before the market, I've created a github private repo with the rule commited today, which i'll make public at the end if needed.

+Upd. It was suggested to post a hash of the text containing the rule. MD5: 4f17d1b553afe8f7ffeb8cd88b6f2e8b

+Upd2. If you are not planning to commit a move to be voted on and just want to test legality of several moves, you can write up to 5 moves in a single comment.

+Upd3. The legality check is changed. From now there are "3 potential moves per person per game move" commenters can check. This is made to prevent spam and bruteforce.

+Upd4. To overcome the "like bug" now to show that you vote for a move to be made, make a comment under the suggested move, start with "+vote ".

+Upd5. I don't want the game to be frozen, so i introduce a new mechanic. After each my move i will tell in the comments 4 valid moves for white: one best, one worst and two mediocre. But that is your job to understand which is what.

(I still do not use computer help, all 4 moves are evaluated by me)

You DON'T have to choose one of these four, you can still do legality checks and propose your own moves as previously.

+Upd6. "4 named moves" and "legality checks" are disabled due to the change of the nature of the game.

Closing date might be prolonged.

I had a peak of 1800 Elo in Lichess classical time control around 4 years ago I think.

Commenters play white.

Current position before move 27:

1. e4 b6

2. Nc3 d6

3. d3 Nd7

4. f4 Bb7

5. Nf3 a5

6. d4 Rc8

7. Bd3 g6

8. O-O Ngf6

9. e5 dxe5

10. fxe5 Bxf3

11. Rxf3 Nxe5

12. Rxf6 exf6

  1. Kf2 Qxd4+

  1. Ke2 Bd6

  2. Be3 Qg4

  3. Kf2 Nxd3

  4. h3 Ke7

  5. hxg4 Rhe8

  6. Ke2 Rd8

  7. Qd2 h5

  8. Kf3 hxg4

  9. Kxg4 f5+

  10. Kf3 c5

  11. Re1 Rd7

  12. Bf2+ Be5

  13. Re3 Kf6

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@traders I accidentally made an illegal move. Was thinking about knight and forgot that the vertical is under fire.

If we look at the board like at the battle, my king made a fatal mistake. There is currently a proposal <30 Rxe5 1-0>. Without reasonable doubt that is the most logical continuation of such a situation in the battle and it would definitely make 3 likes if I waited a bit longer.

From another point of view most tournaments use a rule, that illegal move is an instant loss.

Resolves NO. White wins.

There will be "Unfair chess 2" game starting on 1st of March, but with symmetric knowledge and new asymmetric rules this time.

@KongoLandwalker good game, in any event. I should mention that most tournaments I am familiar with have only a warning after the 1st illegal move rather than instant loss, alas. But White is starting to become overwhelming after the rook exchange, so perhaps the outcome was already determined...

30-ish. illegal move?

@SavioMak blacks 29th move looks illegal.
Maybe meant to be Rxe5?

  1. Ne2

Current board position for reference

@KongoLandwalker 3 likes for Ne2

@ChristopherRandles @traders Kxe5

@KongoLandwalker hmm is that legal? white rook on e3 is connected, so Kxe5 would be walking into check.

@KongoLandwalker @traders maybe we’re supposed to propose “30 Rxe5 1-0 pls resolve thx” 🤨

@deagol if we propose that does it mean none of blacks pieces can move so it is stalemate?

@ChristopherRandles there was one single rule (now disclosed), nowhere in it mentions different endgame criteria so “capture the opponent king” remains the goal of the game

@deagol I mean, usually the winning condition in chess is checkmate the king, not capture the king. Whether we stalemate or checkmate Kongo have no difference for this question though. But I guess the safest play we can do is to question the illegal move

(Bad idea again) 29. Re4

Check my reasoning if you're not kongo. Password: notkongo


I feel like 29. Nd5 and 29. Ne2 are both good moves

(Misread position)

sold Ṁ1 NO
  1. Ne2

@AnT That allows black knight to escape. Better to play BxBe5 which cuts the chain to the N so it cannot move away. Then we take the knight with PxNd3. One more like needed for Bxe5

@ChristopherRandles understood and liked the original variant.

@traders 28. Bxe5

@KongoLandwalker 3 likes for Bxe5

27. Bg3

@traders Can we get a 3rd vote for this, or an alt move to evaluate? Thanks!

@KongoLandwalker 3 likes for Bg3

@deagol @traders 27. Bg3 Rd4