Will I win a game of chess against Manifold? (see other poll)

I have a seperate question where you are able to add your own answers for possible moves for yourself, I will play as white and each move will be chosen by whichever answer has the highest probability, this market resolves when the chess game ends.

NOTE: If the game is a draw I have not one so it resolves as NO, and If there are two of the same move then the one with the higher probability is chosen.

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Everyone is focusing on the fact that the market could make a silly move at any time. But of course, so could Dracksath! There's no rules about what kind of moves they will make, as far as I can tell

bought Ṁ50 NO from 91% to 87%

@Tumbles Chess is about making the best move possible. Anything less is a advantage loss to the other side. A whale game will always choose a less than ideal move. Even if the game managed to make no big blunders, less than ideal moves will accumulate. I dont know what level OP is. But anything above 1500 can easily win this game.

bought Ṁ10 YES from 88% to 89%

@ftkurt I'm just saying, I don't know Dracksath's motives! Maybe they will think it's more fun if the chess game gets wacky, and will play moves to push things in that direction. Who knows! 😜

Will cheating be allowed for you?

Moves will be analysed, and perfection/no mistakes gets people flagged as bots usually, you gonna play fair or cheat?

Shouldn't this just trade at 50% because the only good move for either side is to just load up the best chess engine and use the move it suggests? There's no longer any utility in having a human in the loop, so it just comes down to a battle of chess engines, which should trend towards 50% if both sides use the best one.

@nsokolsky A draw is counted as NO. I think there are some uncertainties about how such a game will transpire: will OP use an engine? Will people be motivated enough to use an engine in their voting?

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@nsokolsky you could also bet yes and choose the worst moves possible

@nsokolsky Not really; this is a market to earn mana not to win the game. Hence some traders might find it in their best interest to choose something thats not useful to the game.

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@nsokolsky i use this market as hedge against the possibility that some whale will make really dumb move on those markets

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@nsokolsky >at 50%

right now intentionally losing a queen to a pawn on the second move is at #1, and before it bongcloud was at #1, so no, this isn't going to be that kind of serious market I guess