[Season 2] Will I be demoted to Silver?
resolved Jul 2

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SebastianWorms avatarSebastian Worms
26% chance
Will I demote to Platinum this season?
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Will I be boosted out of Gold to Platinum by the end of this league?
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Will I promote to Gold (or Platinum) with D or F calibration?
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Will I stay Platinum (Not be promoted)
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Will I promote to masters?
BenjaminIkuta avatarBenjamin Ikuta
28% chance
Will i get demoted to Gold this Saison?
Base avatarBase
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Will I be promoted to Master at the end of this session if I try to make it?
Will i get promoted to Diamond this Saison?
Base avatarBase
98% chance
I started in the Platinum League, will I fall to Gold at any point this year?
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22% chance
If I am promoted to Masters in Leagues, will I stay there for at least two consecutive seasons?
evergreenemily avatarevergreen
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Will I (@CodeandSolder) be demoted from masters before the end of 2023?
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21% chance
Will I be demoted to Platinum this season?
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Will I promote to Diamond from Platinum at the end of the September season?
Anthem avatarAnthem
60% chance

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