[short-fuse 💣] Will I be able to fly out of LAX with only my smartphone?
resolved Apr 5

I’ve successfully signed up for the CA DMV Wallet app, and have a QR code representing my driver’s license. Additionally, I’ve been flying with mobile QR code boarding passes for years now without problems.

Will I be able to successfully board a plane from LAX without using my physical plastic driver’s license, or a paper boarding pass?

I’ll resolve this YES once I’m sat in my seat on the flight.

I'll be flying out of Terminal 3 (Delta) on the afternoon of Friday, April 5th. This article says that it should be possible: https://www.tsa.gov/news/press/releases/2023/12/15/tsa-accepting-california-mobile-ids-identity-verification-lax

I am only counting the flight out of LAX, as I don't believe my domestic destination supports paperless.

I have TSA PreCheck.

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Bad news everyone. Delta booked me out of Terminal B instead of Terminal 3. They did not let me use my phone in the PreCheck line at Terminal B 😭. However, since I communicated and expected to be flying out of Terminal 3 (which was mentioned in the announcement article linked above) I've resolved this market N/A instead of NO.

@Kire_ I made a small NO bet for possible terminal change. But that sucks, hope you made your flight!

How hard are you going to try? If they reject it immediately and start asking for physical ID, are you going to make a scene?

@redacted I expect they will have a little machine that I will be able to scan the QR code from the app with. If they don't let me scan, I'll probably ask once before pulling out my ID, but I'll have the ID in my backpack (not ready to go).

Assuming you are flying within the US? I think the likelihood is higher if the flight is not international.

@sanyero Yes, it's a domestic flight.

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