[short-fuse 💣] Will I be able to fly from SFO <=> LAX only using my phone? ✈️🤳🏻🛂
resolved Mar 5

I’ve successfully signed up for the CA DMV Wallet app, and have a QR code representing my driver’s license. Additionally, I’ve been flying with mobile QR code boarding passes for years now without problems.

Will I be able to successfully board a plane from SFO -> LAX, and return, without using my physical plastic driver’s license, or a paper boarding pass?

I’ll resolve this YES once I’m sat in my seat on the flight home (there’s no customs or immigration for domestic flights).

Facts that may influence your betting:

  • I’m flying Tuesday am and Thursday pm (keeping the details slightly secret for my privacy), but around the rush hour periods.

  • I have TSA pre-check and am flying business class (thank you employer 🙌).

  • I’ve just downloaded the app, and set it up. I’ve never used it before. The app has 1.8 stars, with someone writing that it didn’t work on this very trip (in December of last year).

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Noooo… What happened?

Luddites win this round

Well it was worth a shot

@mattyb Would you be willing to regale us with the story? I'd love to hear how the agent responded to your insistence on using an explicitly allowed/approved form of ID.

F, my life ruined by boomers yet again

@Pykess 🤣

@Pykess I hope he had the insistence of an indignant Karen.


are you flying out of terminal 3 from SFO & out of terminal 3 or 7 from LAX? (mobile ID is accepted at only those terminals in those airports as of mid-Dec, per https://www.tsa.gov/news/press/releases/2023/12/15/tsa-accepting-california-mobile-ids-identity-verification-lax)


This trip begins tomorrow!

As far as I see it, 4 things need to go well for this to Resolve YES:

  1. [Tues am] SFO security (ID and boarding pass)

  2. [Tues am] SFO boarding (boarding pass)

  3. [Thurs pm] LAX security (ID and boarding pass)

  4. [Thurs pm] LAX boarding (boarding pass)

It’ll try to update as each step occurs

@mattyb are you willing to SSSS yourself? you don't need an ID to fly domestically, but you will get screened more

@nikki wtf is SSSS?

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@mattyb Secondary Security Screening Selection, you will get inspected more

@nikki probably not. i have pre-check and that’s the line i’m getting in. i want to keep my shoes on.

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@mattyb if you are unable to use your phone thing, are you willing to endure SSSS?

@nikki probably not. i’m not really willing to add more time/complexity to my commute. this is supposed to be as seamless as my ID, or so the app purports.

I have flew with state without driver liscense. They just have to check my credit card to verify that I am who I am

@AmmonLam Within* the* state

How stringently will you insist? Do you plan to bring physical id and present it on request?

@Adam Great question! Yes, I’m flying for work. Not boarding the plane is not an option.

That being said, I plan to insist that I use my phone. I’m not going to get escorted out by security, but if they say “no”, I’m going to insist on trying to use it.

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you cant fly a phone

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@IsaacEdelkind I do hope you read the description. If so, bet away!

@mattyb lol this is almost exactly the reaction i expect the boomer TSA agent to have

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