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closes Dec 31, 2029
Number of humans on the moon, on 2030-Jan-01

Does not count people who are in orbit around the moon. Examples of things that would count:

-Walking on the moon

-Inside a building on the moon

-Inside a landed spacecraft on the moon

-Driving around on the moon

-Underground inside the moon

On 2030-Jan-01 I will check credible reporting, and see how many people are on the moon that day. I will then resolve all the responses.

Does not factor how long each person is expected to be on the moon. If they are reported as being on the moon while I check, then they'll count.

Doesn't count robots, other animals, nor dead people.

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This was inspired by a headline saying "NASA official says humans will live and work on the moon by 2030"

Of course people can come and go before 2030. Just to make it feel simpler, I made it specific to 2030-Jan-01.

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