Will I see the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024?
resolved Apr 8

I would really like to see it, since the next one visible in America won't be for another 20 years. I'll be in Boston during this time attending college. It's also on a Monday. These two facts make it kinda inconvenient, especially considering the map of the solar eclipse.

This market is part for predictive purposes, and part a request for suggestions/help on seeing it!

Resolves YES if I am in the zone where the total solar eclipse is happening, when it is happening over that zone (e.g. if the sun is obscured by clouds, then this market can still resolve YES). Otherwise resolves NO.

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Solar eclipse was awesome!! Less awesome, my bus was cancelled and the next one isn’t for 24 hours,,, but worth it prolly!

@JoshuaB Update: a friend of a friend of my mom graciously offered to drive me back!


I’m in Burlington Vermont



I’ve booked tickets to Burlington, VT. The Greyhound is supposed to arrive at 4:00AM

You inspired me to make a pair of markets of my own about this:

As an update, I’m vaguely planning/hoping to not have any classes on Mondays for my next semester so I don’t have to skip class. I’m vaguely planning/hoping to take a bus to somewhere such as Plattsburgh in order to be within the zone of totality. I think that for the purposes of this market, I will not require that I’m actually able to see the solar eclipse, because I don’t want this market to be predicting whether or not it’s cloudy wherever I go to see

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@JoshuaB I'd be surprised if you don't find a group of people to go watch it with; nerdy colleges in Boston seem like the place that arises naturally.

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@JoshuaB Do you expect you'd take a day off school if you don't get your preferred class schedule?

@RobertCousineau That seems likely, because one day of class doesn't seem worth it in comparission to y'know the last opportunity to see one for 20 years. On your point about a buncha nerdy colleges with nerdy kids, you’re very right, and I’m vaguely planning to put up a bunch of posters around campus at some point to invite others to the solar eclipse

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The last total eclipse was also on a Monday, and I skipped class and flew somewhere to go see it. Definitely worth it to make it happen.