Will the TIME 100 Most Influential Companies of 2024 list actually come out in May as promised?
resolved May 30

This page has just said "2024 HONOREES ANNOUNCED IN MAY" for ages now. I've been checking every day for my market, /Joshua/what-will-be-time-magazines-100-mos-1ccb89e7e3a1

The FAQ says:

This market closes at 11:59 PM PT on Friday, May 31st. If the list is published before market close, resolves YES. If not, resolves NO.

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Darn it

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Like Sam Altman they lie! Why would they lie like this on website FAQ? Is it for the kinks???

The next issue of TIME magazine, which will feature the "100 Most Influential Companies" with the cover date of June 10, 2024, will typically be available to subscribers and on newsstands about a week before the cover date. This means you can expect it to be available around June 3, 2024.

Additionally, the digital version of the magazine will always be accessible the day before through TIME's website and app, so you can expect it on June 2, 2024.

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@nikki Ziddletwix has been buying a lot of YES! Do you have a possible model of this mystery

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@Bayesian I work for TIME

@nikki So many time employees in this market, wow

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@nikki my father is Dr. Edward Time (the founder of the magazine) and he says it should be out in May

You know what they say: Time in the TIME market beats timing the TIME market.

trading in the TIME market was a loss leader, bailed out by my trades in the TIME time market

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I have faith, they wouldn’t lie to us, take my order


@Ziddletwix what are you cooking ziddletwix

if it wasn't for that mysterious hash I might just think you're not betting on information the rest of us don't have

@Bayesian My day job is at TIME magazine. I need to pick the 100 most influential companies or I’ll miss my boss’ deadline at the end of May so I’m using this as a personal motivational market

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