Who will have the the most mana earned in all of Leagues Season 5? [Resolves Win/Place/Show - No Staff Accounts or @acc]
resolved Oct 6

Resolves Win, Place, Show after the season locks in:

  • 1st (Win) 60%

  • 2nd (Place) 30%

  • 3rd (Show) 10%

Placing is based on "mana earned" listed at the end of season 5 of Leagues.

All accounts in all leagues are eligible except for those run by the staff such as @NinthCause and @acc.

Submitted answers must be in the form of a username, subsequent duplicate answers will not be selected. It would also be helpful if when submitting an answer you also posted a link to their account in a comment, which will help me keep track of any username changes.

This market will close at Midnight Pacific on September 30th, before the random closing time of the season the next day. It will then resolve after the scores are finalized.

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