Is the One Piece Treasure actually Binks' Sake?

There is a old pirate song which regularly reappears in One Piece, known as Binks' Sake.

Gather up all of the crew, it's time to ship out Binks' brew.
Sea wind blows, to where, who knows? The waves will be our guide.
O'er across the ocean's tide. Rays of sunshine far and wide.
Birds they sing, of cheerful things, in circles passing by.

The song has strong ties to the overall themes of One Piece, and a well-known and much upvoted fan theory is that the mysterious One Piece Treasure is in fact somehow the very Sake that the song is about.

Likely it is not just mundane sake, but some sort of magical liquid, bottle, etc. It could perhaps turn out to be something like the Fountain of Youth, or a giant golden sake cup, or a devil fruit that can create infinite sake. Any of these would count, as long as there is some clear tie from Binks' Sake to the One Piece Treasure. It also counts if there are multiple parts of the One Piece treasure, and only part of it is Binks' Sake.

Oda could do a lot of weird things here, and this is about the spirit of the theory and not the letter.

This market remains open until the full nature of the One Piece is known. If the theory is validated, this market resolves YES. Otherwise, it resolves NO.

I will not trade on this question, so as to keep myself unbiased.

Gather up all of the crew, it’s time to ship out Binks’ brew.
Sing a song, and play along for all the oceans wide.
After all is said and done, you'll end up a skeleton,
so spread your tale from dawn 'til dusk upon these foamy seas.

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The One Piece treasure is a marriage certificate with Nami. That is why Roger laughed and said he was to early because Nami was still a baby and so the certificate was worthless for another 20 years.

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@JosephReagan please leave and never come back

@tsaitama THE ONE PIECE (marriage certificate) IS REAL!

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Wow, Joshua joining the One Piece markets, ah? Welcome 🤝 (unless you’ve been in the markets and I’ve yet to see them lol)

@dwax I'm rarely up-to-date but I've decided to just start betting and then I'll have more motivation to be up-to-date 😅

@Joshua yeah that’s fair enough! I’ve been up to date since August ‘23 (after 8 months of reading), and have been following the leaks and everything since then. Once I saw there were prediction markets for it, I knew I had to get involved. Current One Piece has been peak so far, the entire Egghead arc has been phenomenal.

Regardless, glad to see you engaging, hope you’ll stay involved 🫶

The one piece fandom is generally pretty cool with leaks and "spoilers" I've found, so it's a good fit for markets. And I love theory markets:

@Joshua Damn, you’ve got some good theory markets going! I too often think of what’s currently happening and forget about the theories when I want to make markets. I’m super delighted you’re getting involved, more things to spend Mana on! One Piece fandom is great… just ignore the powerscalers and the Agenda Piece’rs, ha.

Greatest piece of fiction deserves some good markets.

@dwax What the heck is Agenda Piece lol

@Joshua Goddamn, I don’t even know how to explain… it’s basically people getting into arguments about characters and their abilities. People are in arguments right now about Zoro vs Lucci, saying Zoro’s a fraud or something like that.

Think of your childhood friends arguing about which wrestler is better and could win certain fights, and replace wrestlers with One Piece. Basically the same thing haha

There's a lot of stuff with One Piece especially on twitter/reddit which is where I get all my analysis and predictions from. So here's an important term to know!

Agenda Piece - Basically, certain perceptions and expectations you have of characters and events. For instance, people push the "agenda" or idea that Zoro is stronger than Sanji. So, they invest in Zoro stocks. People push the "agenda" that Gorosei are stronger than Admirals, Yonko are stronger than both, or that Koby will be admiral by the end of the story (this is why I bought Koby stocks). People also think that Blackbeard could still be the end villain of the story over Imu, so they would invest in Blackbeard stocks. Personally, I also believe Kaido and Big Mom aren't dead from being in lava, so I am on that agenda too.

So yeah Agenda Piece just refers to the fandom heavily pushing for their favorite characters to succeed, and sometimes pushing your agenda means unnecessary slander and downplaying of another character. Pushing your agenda can also mean intentionally interpretting something to be more than it actually is, or basically overhyping anything. Some agendas have a logical or thematical basis, while other agendas can tend to be nonsensical or just plain copium. It's quite notorious in the fandom for ruining people's enjoyment of the series. It's powerscaling on steroids. A common phrase you'll hear is: "You're pushing agenda" or "I am on the (insert character) agenda."

Personally I think it's hilarious when you take it with a grain of salt, which not all people do (seriously, Zoro glazers are something else). The world and story of One Piece is so lively that it can pull off having multi-fanbases within the larger fandom. THIS MAKES IT PERFECT FOR MANIFOLD MARKETS!!! Everyone buys stocks for their favorite characters, expecting them to do well. Some dudes take it hella serious though icl. The closest fandom to One Piece in terms of agenda is Jujutsu Kaisen, but their cast is not as wide as One Piece is.

Thanks for reading!

@tsaitama far better explanation than mine lmfao, thank you tsaitama 🫡

idgaf about agenda i’m tryna see luffy have the world’s biggest party in 2-7 business years (maybe)

@dwax REAL! Always have loved the story of One Piece (and Luffy) way more than the fights. I definitely think it's fun af to try predicting events and developments though! Fiction is meant to be fun!

Personally my favorite agendas are the ones focused on predicting events, and not specifically character fights. I still believe (5% chance) that Dragon reveals his devil fruit and can travel fast af to help Luffy on Egghead island :D

@tsaitama I appreciate the explanation! Definitely well-suited for stonks. Also, in other news staff just disabled the ability for bots to bet on stocks! So they should be much more dependent on actual human opinion now.

@Joshua WOW those guys worked fast thank you for that!!

@tsaitama I fully agree, I prefer “event agendas” by a mile. I’m dying to know more about Dragon, dying to know about Shanks’ lineage, dying to know about Blackbeard’s… ugh, Goda is so good. I cannot believe how often I’m thinking about One Piece.

Happy to see you here, excited to make (and lose) more Mana with you 🤝

Earned my follow btw, one piece is peak fiction. As for the question, personally I think Bink's Sake the song is incredibly important to the story. When Luffy goes back to Gear 5 mode vs Kaido, he even brings up the lines of Bink's Sake. It could make Roger laugh too if it was part of the treasure. time to vote yes on this fr!!

Also not to self promo but check out my questions too? ❤

@tsaitama ooo good questions on current events!

Roger mentioned “Joy Boy… what an unbelievable treasure you left behind… what an unbelievable laugh tale”

At the end of the song, these same words are repeated, “a never-ending, ever-wandering, Laugh Tale”

Sake is what has always connected Luffy together with everyone else. Just like Ace first exchanged sake with Luffy and Sabo, helping lay that first step to Luffy’s dream to exchange sake with everyone in the world, one day Luffy will use the One Piece to help connect everyone in the world together. Just like Ace said, sake is something that connects people together.

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we shall see!

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