Will Kyrie Irving finish the 2023-2024 regular season as an active member of the Dallas Mavericks?
Sep 1

Between controversies, trade requests, and injuries, Kyrie Irving tends to be one of the most volatile players in the NBA. He's just been traded to the Dallas Mavericks and appears pretty happy (so far 🙄), but we all know this can change any day.

*Note: this prediction technically has two parts, 1) will he be active (not injured or suspended), and 2) still a member of the Dallas roster and not on a different team.

This will resolve on the final day of the 2024 season. Kyrie will still be considered active if he simply DNPs for the final game or two.

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@JosephPortes Was the early close date intentional, or should this stay open for trading until the end of the season?