Will any of my markets have more than 80 unique traders by the end of April?
resolved Apr 28

Currently, the most unique traders I have ever gotten on a market was 80. However, that market is already resolved, so I won't be getting any more unique traders on it. This market resolves YES if I beat that record before the end of April with any of my other markets. This includes markets that haven't been created yet, but will be created in March or April.

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Underrated. This one has 70 and could easily get ten more

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Plasma Ballin'bought Ṁ100 of NO

Well, the log market just resolved with only 76 traders. If that one didn't do it, it doesn't look like any other market will.

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Kongo Landwalkerpredicted YES

14 left

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Plasma Ballin'

@KongoLandwalker Technically 15, it has to be >80.

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Plasma Ballin'

This one's currently the closest, but we still need 23 more traders for it to go over 80:

It is regularly gaining more traders, however.

My second closest is this one, but it has a slower pace of growth: