Will manifold increase the cost of market creation before 2025?
resolved Apr 2

This would prevent people from spamming too many low-value markets

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@JonathanRay This should resolve YES now right? Or are you waiting til close date

Great example of what is both charming and unsustainable about Manifold. It’s run like a herd of cats. “Prediction markets will be a new better source of information because they will attract experts’” but also “it’s free” but also “too many new users making bad markets and our 300 page introduction manual is being ignored so let’s raise the price which is in Monopoly money” vs. “let’s get more users” vs “what, isn’t the whole world on discord let’s just announce site updates and new rules over there” vs “we are a fun club” vs “we do SO have a business model.”

@ClubmasterTransparent And then apparently “this is going so great let’s get the dozen people on earth who think this will get them laid to bet on that” and “why do more chicks not dig this why did so many old dudes show up”.

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Resolves YES. James just announced the increase on the discord.

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@TonyPepperoni Lots of W decisions from manifold recently, I know everyone loved the changes to the profile menus.

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