Will OpenAI raise more funding by EOY?
Jan 1

Will resolve YES if there is an announcement of a closed fundraise (or if OpenAI goes public) by EOY.

Edited note: does not include secondary sales as these are not a fundraise unless part of a greater raise (money -> employees, not to company).

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Kian Sivertsen

I disagree that OpenAI will actively seek more funding by the end of the year. Since securing a significant investment of $1 billion from Microsoft in 2019, OpenAI's strategy has visibly shifted towards product development and expansion in the field of artificial intelligence. This funding, combined with their remarkable progress in AI research and development, including notable projects like GPT-4, suggests a current focus on consolidating and advancing their existing capabilities. Moreover, the landscape of tech funding has been more conservative recently, making it less likely for OpenAI to pursue additional large-scale funding rounds in the immediate future.