Will I miss fewer than 10 days of Anki in 2024?

I have been using Anki for about a year and really enjoy it. I'm planning on continuing to do it whenever I can next year. If there's interest I may update monthly.

This is my graph for 2023.

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Update: I've missed 4 days. In all of these cases, my mind was somewhere else. It might be a close one.

In my subjective opinion, you all are way too confident in me.

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Update: I have not missed any days this year.

You’ve shilled this too hard to miss

@SarahChen Shouldn't you bet the other way, then?

@JoeC Yes shoot sorry I can’t read lol

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@SarahChen Wait no I should be buying no I believe you won’t miss 10 days

Well, the key question I'd want to ask beforehand is "How many days did you miss in 2023?"

@PaintspotInfez posted. I missed about 50 this year.