Will I have a girlfriend in 2024?

If I date anyone in 2024, this resolves YES. If not, this resolves NO. Most cases should be pretty clear cut, but if both myself and someone else consider ourselves to be in a relationship this definitely resolves YES. If a reasonable third party considers us together for more than two weeks, it also resolves YES.

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age and number of past relationships? (if you're comfortable sharing ofc)

How's it going?

@benjaminIkuta I have been going to social events (3 10+ person events in the last week) but still do not have a girlfriend. I am also attempting to meet women online but nothing has worked out. I've found very few people that I think are compatible with me, so that's probably the biggest issue currently.

@benjaminIkuta Thanks for that! I don't think this is the case- I think it's more that (1) I don't meet very many women that I can hold a conversation with and (2) I lack experience going from a friendship-type relationship to a romantic-type relationship.

@JoeC That's an advantage of dating apps, it starts you out in a romantic context in the first place.

What are you doing to change this currently?

predicts NO

@Bebop Right now, not a ton of concrete things. I'll be moving to the bay in about a week where I expect to stay for the rest of the year. Feel free to give suggestions.

@JoeC Well you could start with getting some dating apps.

Meanwhile, you can hang out by yourself (or friends) and practicing approaching girls to come along with you for the day, it's lower pressure in case they say no, you can still chill out by yourself.

I have a usual route I take to get a day off.

There are many ways to meet or talk to girls but you have to pick one inflow method and do it.