Can plants feel pleasure and pain?

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No resolution criteria + Creator betting against everyone else = Steer clear of the market.

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lmao plants have no pain receptors, no neurons, no nervous system. Not even simple animals have this capability, much less a plant. An immune or protective response to a stimulus isn't "pleasure or pain", you're not in pain because white blood cells eat a bacterium. You're in pain because you have a complex nervous system with all sorts of receptors including pressure, heat and pain all over your body that get overstimulated and send signals to the brain which processes those signals into immensely complex emotions and reactions. Pleasure and pain is a whole stack of cards balanced on top of each other where if you subtract one, the whole things falls apart. Plants don't even have the "playing cards" to begin with, much less a complex balancing act between them.

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I predict this market will result in a huge philosophical debate about what pleasure and pain actually are.