Will President Trump be on the Colorado primary ballot on March 5th?
resolved Mar 4

Not as a write-in candidate

Resolves to N/A if there is no primary vote for whatever reason

Resolves to N/A if the CO GOP does a caucus, not a primary.

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@SusanneinFrance Trump will appear on Colorado primary ballot amid appeal, secretary of state says

@SusanneinFrance however unlikely the appeals success is, it's still a possibility. I won't resolve until we get much, much closer to the date.

predicted YES

@Jason1e41 Ok. The ballots have to be confirmed and printed by 60 days prior to the primary i.e., Jan 5.

@Orca Do one for John Roberts - more interesting vote.

@Jason1e41 You are correct that John Roberts will be an interesting vote. I chose Clarence Thomas as he seems to have become increasingly partisan in his comments recently (in my opinion). I need to think how to frame the John Roberts question. Will the same question work? or do I need to do it differently. Any thoughts?

@Orca I think framing the question so that the result is known for Roberts would be better. Something like 'Roberts to side with Trump being on the ballot on CO.'

Even a concurrence as in Dobbs would resolve to yes.

I'm curious to see what the world thinks about it given Roberts' track record

@Jason1e41 I like your suggestion -- let me think a bit more but most likely I will set that up accordingly. I was thinking of something along the same lines for Thomas, but realized that Thomas likes being in the minority in such controversial cases so I framed it like I just did -- so as not make it so overt that Thomas will take a pro-Trump stance.