Where will manifold be on the political compass
resolved Feb 16
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Above is the political compass split into 16 sections. I will make 62 polls for the 62 questions on the political compass test. The polls will close in 2 weeks then I will take the average of all the answers on the poll each equally weighted and will round to the closest answer. If it is exactly halfway between two answers then I will flip a coin to decide which option to pick. I may decide to change this if someone comes up with a better solution. I will then go into the political compass website and input all of manifolds answers and upload a screenshot of where manifold scored.

visit the political compass test topic for every poll.

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This is what I got from all the polls which resolves to section 14 which is an upset!

@JamesF Good job on this project.

@GazDownright Thx I’m glad I did it before the cost of polls skyrocketed.

@JamesF Oh, didn't even think of that. Restricts these kind of markets going forward.


One more day get your bets in

bought Ṁ1 section 3 YES

@StopPunting I think the test would expect most people to react strongly disagree to "fascism" but manifold might answer the question as it is, despite the box being labelled "turquoise banana". Are there more like this?

@VAPOR Yes, the Political Compass test is made by a bunch of people who are definitely in the green quadrant, and their tests are very biased. They show Biden deep into the blue quadrant. Their whole shtick is that both US parties are right-wing authoritarians in the blue even though pretty much everyone who takes the test ends up in green. Obviously this is a "significant advantage" of a one-party state, but it's outweighed by the disadvantages. Another rather loaded and terrible question that they have is "the only social responsibility of a corporation is to deliver profit to its shareholders". No one thinks this. Definitely Elon Musk didn't think this. He bought twitter because he cares about the future of humanity. But these guys want to convince you that you are "left wing" for disagreeing with this.

@nathanwei I only put tiny stakes on the other quadrants but I might increase my green bets

@nathanwei "Obviously this is a "significant advantage" of a one-party state". Nah, that's a disadvantage, and you can answer it this way very literally. The arguments are a feature of democratic systems

@nathanwei "But these guys want to convince you that you are "left wing" for disagreeing with this.", huh the unintended consequence was channers started to answer "my race has many superior qualities" so they could end up in the blue quadrant

@nathanwei From a Western European perspective, both US parties are different flavors of right-wing conservatives. I don't know much about Biden himself, mind, other than he's a self-professed Zionist, which does give us a clue.

EDIT: where do you consider Biden to be? Based on his politics this term.

@Joshua rudy mcromney

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It's usually 10

bought Ṁ10 of section 14 YES

I saved you all the trouble and answered for manifold (not myself)

@dgga nice

@dgga Gigachad

@VAPOR @NGK too bad I didn't put my mana where my mouth was

@dgga Wow, I'm fining you ten mana for not doing so. Pay up. please.

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