If New Hampshire holds their primary before South Carolina will the DNC count their delegates
Aug 23

This market will resolve yes if New Hampshire holds it’s primary election before South Carolina and their delegates get counted by the DNC

This market will resolve 50% if some but not all of new Hampshire’s delegates are counted

This market will resolve no if none of New Hampshires delegates get counted

This market will resolve N/A if New Hampshire holds it primaries after South Carolina

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This can probably resolve. DNC Rules and Bylaws approved the NH State party plan and they elected delegates on April 27.

@MaybeNotDepends I'm going to wait until the delegates are seated in case something weird happens

bought Ṁ175 NO

I'm assuming this refers to the people who were voted on in the Jan 26 beauty contest - as I don't think they will be seated.

If this refers to any future elected delegates, then I will be sad.

@MaybeNotDepends I mean Jan 23.

@MaybeNotDepends Yeah If new Hampshire holds primaries after and those delegates are counted this would still resolve no

bought Ṁ20 YES

Still 50%

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